From Zombified Toy Soliders to Robot Thumb Wrestlers

 - Mar 31, 2014
Getting your boys away from their TVs or tablets is much harder then it use to be; here are some low-tech toys that will keep your kids "unplugged."

Tablets, phones, TVs and computers are all products that are great to entertain and teach young boys; it's hard to find toys unrelated to those techie products. This list has a bunch of examples of toys that will get your boys interacting with one-another without using a screen as a median.

Get your boys away from their screens and hook them up with a yo-yo or a fun way to thumb wrestle. There are even toys that make it fun and relatively safe for boys to beat on each other, which was definitely a fun and important part of my childhood. Get a low-tech toy for the young men you know and lessen the exposure to tech from at-least one area of their life, play-time.