The Graphics of the Shan x Lockwood Decks are Simply Out of This World

 - Apr 18, 2011
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The Shan x Lockwood skate decks feature some of the sickest graphic designs you'll see on a skateboard. Artist Shan Jiang has produced some amazingly intriguing artwork with a creepy otherworldly feel.

The images you will find on the Shan x Lockwood pieces depict a dark and gloomy world being explored by two people in space suits. The twist comes from the addition of animals to the scene. Although the astronauts are decked out in space gear, the animals roam free. The art becomes even more fascinating once you actually take a closer look at the suits. It appears that the Shan x Lockwood spacemen's equipment are made out of foxes themselves, giving off the feeling that they probably aren't human either.