Future Past Skateboards Take a Trip Back to the 50s

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: nickthompson.au & english.mashkulture.net
I've seen a lot of graffiti, skulls, demons and dragons on skate decks, but seeing a happy family from the 50s such as the ones on these Future Past Skateboards is definitely something new.

Melbourne-based designer and artist Nick Thompson is the one coming out with these hilarious Future Past Skateboards. Each of the decks features the face of a single member of a stereotypical 50s nuclear family. Dad's smoking a cigarette, mom looks happy, the sister eats spaghetti with joy while the son eats a good old-fashioned PB&J. As if that's not awesome enough, Thompson adds an epic backdrop with a sci-fi feel to each of the skateboards as well.

The Future Past Skateboards will be available for purchase and can be pre-ordered at Thompson's website.