For the Upcoming Cannabis Celebration on April 20th

 - Apr 11, 2012
It's not a statutory holiday (yet), but April 20th is still a day for celebration. As you can see from these 4/20-related finds, people are completely open to paying their respects to the wonders of the hemp plant within the last two weeks of the rainy month. The movement towards legalizing marijuana has come closer to its goal in the past couple of years, so feel free to support your argument with the Government Ganjagraphics or Pot-Prediction graphs.

For those who want to support their love for their green friend without smoking it, ganja-themed foot apparel is a popular and fashionable way to express your free-spirited side without the glassy-eyed sheen.

Whatever your outlet may be -- spliff, bong or brownies -- rest assured that on April 20th, you and your friends will be able to express your pot passion.