True Clothing Helps People Celebrate the Famous 420 Holiday

 - Apr 22, 2011
References: & radcollector
San Francisco urban clothing brand True Clothing has released an exclusive package for the famous made-up holiday by marijuana enthusiasts known as 420. Stationed in the heart of stoner-culture California, True Clothing is helping out their fellows marijuana-loving pals and consumers.

There are some essential items that one would need to celebrate on April 20th, and True Clothing will bring you just that. The True 420 collection includes a wooden grinder, a series of logo-branded Bic lighters, their Homegrown T-shirt and a mixtape by Dj Boogie Brown that will help you enjoy your day that much more.

The True Clothing 420 package is available online and in stores, so get your medical marijuana card ready and enjoy the holiday.