- Sep 4, 2014
There is more to edible marijuana than the classic brownie. This collection of edible marijuana rounds up some of the more interesting recipes and creations out there. Included in the list are some drinkable cannabis products as well. After all, the dishes require something to wash them down with.

What makes edible marijuana so appealing is not only the fact that it satisfies intense hunger pangs and food cravings at the same time as getting high, it also is more potent that smoking the drug. With this in mind, visiting a cannabis food truck for some elaborate sandwiches or purchasing a six-pack of weed-infused beverages shouldn't seem all that strange. The edible marijuana cause is helped by the fact that a few states in America have already legalized the drug, making it less taboo.

From Cheesy Cannabis Crackers to Drug-Infused Meat Snacks: