Big Norm Cooks Up Nothing but Weed Food for His Dinner Party

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: twitter
Just in time for the holiday season, Toronto chef Big Norm invited about 25 of his friends and acquaintances to a dinner full of weed food this past weekend.

Big Norm, who is an actor/comedian and chef, decided recently that after 16 years of using weed, he is quitting. However, before he gave it up for good, he invited fellow cannabis enthusiasts to join him for a buffet-style dinner full of weed food.

The menu included kush croutons on ceasar salad (the dressing included weed butter), baked chicken (weed water was used in the chicken brine), special weed fish cakes, rice, coleslaw and weed egg nog. For $40 each, a little over two dozen hungry dinners piled in a downtown Toronto loft and enjoyed the marijuana-infused food.