Ganja Gourmet, Where You Never Want to Stop Eating

If you walk through the doors of Ganja Gourmet in Denver, without knowing anything about the restaurant, the pictures on the wall of Bob Marley and Mona Lisa smoking a joint will be your first clue that you have not arrived at a typical restaurant.
Steve Horowitz, Co-owner of Ganja Gourmet, says the restaurant is the first of its kind to offer salads, lasagna, pizza, and desserts, all cooked or baked with marijuana. Anyone who can show a medical cannabis ID card is welcome to experience a taste of the high life. There is also a ‘bud bar’ where the ‘Budtender’ will sell you whatever strain of marijuana you desire. Customers can relax and socialize in a lounge area. They even offer a courtesy ride home if you get too high to drive.

The city has been getting inundated with application requests to open marijuana dispensaries in general, but recently put a freeze on approving any more until they can get stricter regulations put in place on how they are managed.