- Feb 7, 2014
If you're a smoker with a certain love for novelty ashtrays. these abstract beauties need to be within your collection. From modern to human body-shaped, these avant-garde ashtrays are perfect for any smoker.

Quirky and unusual is the name of the game for these novelty ashtrays. A regular circular ceramic ashtray makes a nice side table centerpiece but these unconventional finds may just brighten the whole room. Some of these ashtrays even encourage smokers to kick their habits with ashtrays shaped as human lungs featuring smoking side effects. Some of these awesome ashtrays feature dual functions with a side to hold incense.

These novelty ashtrays are fun accessories to have whether you're a chain smoker or just an art lover looking for an intricately designed centerpiece.

These Gnarly Novelty Ashtrays Add Some Quirk to Your Smoke Break: