The Lucas Rarities Art Deco Smoking Set is an Ashtray for the Affluent

 - Oct 8, 2011
References: couturelab & luxurylaunches
Sure, smoking may be a hard habit to kick that doesn't exactly benefit your well-being, but if you want to live in luxury while you lap up your nicotine fix, the answer is the opulent Lucas Rarities Art Deco Smoking Set.

This antique-inspired design was created using agate, ruby, gold and black enamel to produce a stack of ashtrays and a storage space for your cigarettes. It's all beautifully balanced on a sleek black wood tray that can be easily disassembled and divided between your company of puffing persons.

It may seem like the days have passed where houses boast well-stocked decor like the Lucas Rarities Art Deco Smoking Set, but this design puts gilt in your guilty pleasures and allows your swanky smokes to plume with polish.