The Plughole Ashtray by Oded Friedland Stoppers Unwanted Odor

 - Nov 28, 2012
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At this point, cigarettes and everything that comes along with them should be as archaic as Blockbuster stores, but since they aren't, the Plughole Ashtray is a great alternative to traditional receptacles. Shaped like a severed drain, the Plughole Ashtray comes complete with a plug to stopper any unwanted odors.

Designed by Oded Friedland for Monkey Business, the Plughole Ashtray is a re-release of the very first product the company ever made. Celebrating the launch of their new website, a limited edition of 100 will be available to purchase. The industrial design of the Plughole Ashtray is definitely made with a man in mind. Perfect for bachelor homes, garages and modern studios, it is practical on various levels as well as eye-catching.