'3 Days' Weighs Ash, Calculates Life Expectancy

 - Feb 16, 2009
References: imovaterbonmade
Large-scale anti-smoking campaigns have proven to be generally effective in achieving their aim. Apparently, however, designers have decided to take matters into their own hands by producing novel products such as the smart "3 Days Ashtray."

Although slightly gruesome, this alert ashtray is the first that's specifically designed to weigh the amount of ash dropped inside and then estimate the approximate time that smoking has taken from your life expectancy. Apparently the fine print on cigarette packages has done little to curb the deadly habit. Let's see what interactive scolding can do!

If anti-smoking groups want dramatic results, how about replacing those monotonous warnings with interactive info on how each cigarette taken out of its packet will affect the health and the lifespan of its consumer?

I already have a few friends in mind to whom I can spread havoc with this innocent-looking gift. Let's hope creativity will wipe the ashtray floor clean of this sneaky viral habit.