From Lighter-Lugging Knuckles to Flammable Spy Cams

 - Jan 27, 2012
Lighters are a smoker's best friend, but even if you're not looking to spark a butt, these flame-totting accessories will see you through any pinch. When you're in the midst of a do or die situation, it's likely you'll be happy to have a lighter by your side. These lighters also sport a good deal of style. Your never know when you might be called upon to offer a light to a beautiful human and you don't want to be caught retrieving a discount igniter.

Many of these loopy lighters are multipurpose. Everything from spy cameras to a full set of survivalist tools have been tacked onto these fire starters. If you're not one for espionage and find the outdoors less compelling than your computer screen, you'll be pleased to know that there is also a lighter that doubles as a USB key. With so many styles and capabilities to choose from, you're sure to locate the perfect lighter for your unique lifestyle.

Even if you're not a nicotine fiend, these lighters are still terribly tempting and dead useful.