The Lighter Novelty Camera Lets You Film Close-Range Incognito

 - Nov 15, 2011
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Detective work makes life a little more interesting so if you suspect some funny business amongst your friends the Lighter Novelty Camera might come in handy. Whether a recorded confession or a sneak peek is on your investigative agenda, this stealthy faux smoking accessory can help you uncover the truth.

The gadget has been made by Generic from plastic with a metal tip, designed to look unquestioningly like a regular cigarette lighter. Of course you don't want your peers to get a hold of this device because they will quickly discover that it can't flick a flame.

If you remove the cap of the Lighter Novelty Hidden Camera you will find you've got a flash drive USB hookup. It stores up to five hours of footage taken from the pinhole camera in the base and allows you to easily transfer it onto your computer.