Aaron Amatnieks Adds a Fiery Element to His LEGO Creation

 - Aug 3, 2011
References: brothers-brick & neatorama
Aaron Amatnieks takes the art of LEGO to a whole new level by introducing another element into the game. This element happens to be fire. Considering that he decided to build a dragon, the use of flames is extremely appropriate. Otherwise, it would have been thought of as just another gimmick in a hobby filled with gimmicks.

Incredibly impressive, Aaron Amatnieks' fire-breathing LEGO dragon could certainly replace the boring, basic lighter. Since it does have a dangerous aspect about it, it is safe to say that Aaron Amatnieks' dragon creation would only be suitable for adults anyways.

I can only wonder what Aaron Amatnieks' fire-breathing LEGO dragon will inspire next in the artistic building block universe.