Cindy by Mademoiselle Jean-Claude Turns Ash into Fertilizer

 - Nov 14, 2012
References: mademoisellejeanclaude & psfk
Smoking might be a very unhealthy habit, but at least it can contribute to the environment in a small way through Cindy by Mademoiselle Jean-Claude, a design collective based in France. It is an ashtray and planter in one. Although it is obviously connected in terms of looks, it goes beyond just that.

Cindy by Mademoiselle Jean-Claude turns the collected cigarette butts into fertilizer for the plants. More specifically, a special tray allows the remaining ash to fall through and fertilize the soil while the cigarette butts stay on the removable drawer waiting to be thrown out.

Although some may argue that Cindy by Mademoiselle Jean-Claude encourages smoking, it simply capitalizes on the silver lining of a bad situation. The plant helps to purify the air, after all.