Coughing Lung Ashtray

 - Nov 3, 2008   Updated: Jul 21 2011
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If the ghastly sight of this "gag" ashtray isn’t sufficient for you to think twice about continuing to consume the evil weed, then the coughing sound it makes might just convince you to quit.

This tongue-in-cheek(y) ashtray, which displays two bright pink lungs, with bronchia and all. When the smoker rest his ciggie on the side of the lung, the battery operated conscience either produces a hacking cough, or a blood curdling scream.

Implications - This is the latest in a long line of tactics used by concerned groups and government organizations aimed at encouraging smokers to quit their deadly habit. I'm not sure it'll work on hardened smokers, but I think it may have an effect on casual ones. This creative ashtray is memorable and powerful.