From Toxin-Burning Powder to Sleek Charcoal Cars

 - Apr 30, 2010   Updated: Jul 28 2011
Keep the grill in the garage for these crisp charcoal creations. We wouldn't want anybody catching a burn now.

Charcoal has been used since the dawn of the grilling man to add that one-of-a-kind smokey flavor. Nowadays, charcoal isn't just for grilling--you can use it to purify your skin and sketch your favorite subjects. Check out all the ways charcoal makes the world go 'round with these crisp charcoal creations.

Implications - From the charcoal makeup, to the on-the-go BBQs to the apocalyptic attire, this collection of crisp charcoal will offer all individuals a fresh perspective when it comes to charcoal. While I wouldn't suggest to give yourself a charcoal makeover, I do suggest taking a stroll through these concepts.