German AOK Anti-Smoking Campaign

 - Aug 16, 2007
AOK, a German health insurance company has installed see-through, lung-shaped ashtrays in metropolitan areas in an attempt to raise consciousness on the dangers of smoking. No smoker in today's world is oblivious to the toll lung rockets take on our bodies, yet each year, millions of people continue to light up. In Germany, 33% of those over 18 smoke according to AOK and the average age people spark their first ciggy is between 11 and 12! Smoking is no cheap indulgence either. 5 Euros for a 17-pack of Marlboro lights... that's pretty hefty!

With so many reasons to cut back, AOK has an excellent program targeted at those who want to quit. Besides the public ashtray campaign, tips and online forums, the site also offers an addiction quiz to see how hooked on nicotine you really are.

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