From Cigarettes as Lipstick to Fatal Crotch Campaigns

 - Jul 24, 2010   Updated: Apr 13 2011
This collection of anti-smoking campaigns is a must-see for everyone. From cigarettes as lipstick to fatal crotch campaigns and morbid vow billboards, get inspiration to quit smoking or simply educate yourself on the subject here. It's time to take control of the cigarette companies' control on advertising and to subsequently "uncool" smoking.

Implications - Smoking has always been the target of PSAs due to its fatal side effects. Once considered a fashionable habit, it's now considered dangerous as various organizations create campaigns, posters and informative product packaging to warn consumers about its dangerous effects. Today's high-stress society makes quitting smoking nearly impossible to many. The new poster that have appeared have become more creative and effective due to their shock value. Perhaps the next step is commercials that provides the same creativity and effect as these prints already do.