Stylish Mobile Carrying Cases to Dispose of Used Cigarette Butts

 - Jan 30, 2009
References: trenddelacreme
I don’t know what the rules are elsewhere in the world, but here in Australia, fines apply if you are caught flicking a cigarette butt on the ground. Which makes these stylish pocket ashtrays a handy must-have for smokers on the go.

When mobile ashtrays first hit the shelves here, they showed very little design effort, and most were branded with environmental protection logos that were clearly designed to guilt smokers into purchasing one.

This collection of colorful pocket ashtrays is a refreshing change from the dull options that preceded them.

Included in the group from Trend de la Creme is the ‘Torico’ Ashtray, the Pocket Ashtray, the Bubble Ashtray and the Cube Ashtray by Mistletoe, and the Ashtray Wallet and Mini Ashtray Purse by Shrug Design.