- Jan 27, 2010   Updated: Apr 3 2011
Flower pots and vases are basically the botanical equivalents of pet cages. So if you are looking to create one incredible indoor garden, check out these 65 flower pots and vases. They cleverly contain everything from Carnations to Casa Blanca Lilies.

From teeny flower vases to flower pot chandeliers, check out these 65 flower pots and vases.

Implications - If done right, the design of little pieces like a vase or rug can alter the aesthetic of an entire interior space. Today's financially paranoid consumer capitalizes on this fact, and will often search for one little piece to spruce up their home as opposed to an interior design overhaul. Designers are thus called to create little pieces of interest.

From Teeny Flower Vases to Flower Pot Chandeliers: