From Citrus Guava Drink Flavors to Nostalgic Sandwich Sodas

 - Aug 25, 2014
If you're someone that likes to drink copious amounts of pop then chances are you're someone that likes to try unconventional soft drink flavors. Many of these unusual soft drink flavors come in unique packaging and food combinations for consumers to test out.

Soda is a great way to take something that is conventionally seen as a staple beverage option and flip it entirely on its head. These outlandish soda flavors -- like PB&J, wine and even poutine -- encourage the consumer to expand their flavor palettes and image their favorite solid and liquid food items spiked with a sweetly carbonated taste. Brands are even using sodas in baking and unconventional drink recipes like cupcakes, smoothies and even milk. The bizarre pairing of pop with bizarre foods and flavors is exciting and interesting to the average foodie consumer.