The 420 Pack Will Provide You With All You Need for This Stoner Holiday

 - Apr 21, 2010
References: & hypebeast
If you enjoy black light posters, Zesty Dorritos and listening to Pink Floyd albums in their entirety, then the 420 Pack is definitely for you. April 20th of course, is a pothead's Christmas as the day is full of dope-fueled parades and festivals. It is the one day most authorities tend to look the other way as well.

Included in the 420 Pack is a grinder for those large chunks of oregano, as well as a blunt splitter. In a sense, this is like a first aid kit for someone whose THC levels are too low. In other words, when all of the shows on the Cartoon Network's late night stop being funny, you know it's time to enlist the help of the 420 Pack.