From Boston Cream Donut Cupcakes to Triple-Shock Dessert Recipes

 - Jan 26, 2014
There's nothing quite like a scrumptious deep-fried snack to ignite your tastebuds, and these decadent donut dishes are offering some over-the-top options for any hardcore confectionary enthusiast.

While most people don't mind eating the occasional donut with their tea or coffee, these decadent pastry examples are more for those who are interested in taking those fried delights to the next level. There's something simply satisfying about dough that has been fried to perfection, add along some tasty additions like bacon, filling and even meat and you've truly got something to rave about. From donuts transformed into poutine recipes to those that are made into sandwiches and covered in sweets, these extreme recipes will surely put anyone into a sugar overdose.

Great for those who aren't keeping track of their calorie count, these decadent donut recipes will surely satisfy anyone with a deep-fried craving.