Homer Simpson's Dream Fries Are Deep-Fried 'Psycho Donuts'

 - Mar 28, 2009
References: cakeheadlovesevil
Doughnuts have a special place in my heart, and so too do Psycho Donuts, a sweet new discovery I've made. Psycho Donuts is a doughnut shop/art gallery in California with the aim to take "donuts to the next demented level."

This is where doughnut dementia comes in as their designs are just mental…

My favourite invention has got to be the doughnut chips which come with jam on the side to dip into. It's a really original dish which totally rocks. A great idea!

They also serve the bipolar doughnut (two flavors side-by-side), and flavors like green tea, pretzel and Rice Krispies with vanilla and chocolate glaze.

And it gets better! The lovely ladies working in the shop are dressed like doughnut ladies.

I can't help imagining that the people who came up with these creations smoke a lot of weed!