These Donuts Fuse Scrumptiously Sweet Bread into a Glazed Confection

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: bashfulbao & foodgawker
Finding a great gourmet banana bread recipe can be tricky unless you got it from your mom, but these whole wheat banana bread donuts are beyond tasty. One aspect that the majority of donuts have in common is that they're fried, but these ones don't even come close to the deep fryer.

Created using wholesome whole wheat flour, ricotta cheese and, of course, bananas, this recipe is a perfect way to make a quick, handheld breakfast that will satisfy a sweet tooth, but also keep you full until lunch. What's more, these gourmet banana bread donuts make a superb dessert as a replacement for a standard cake.

Indulging in a donut doesn't have to be as guilt-inducing as one might think, which is why this fantastic banana bread donut recipe is definitely worth a try on a lazy Sunday afternoon.