These Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes Deliver an Intense Eating Experience

Purveyor of sweets C&C Cakery whipped up these intense Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes. The naughty sugar crafters at the Vancouver-based bakery took the preferred snack of underworked police officers everywhere and transformed it into a two-tiered cupcake that is downright evil in every delicious way. There is not more enticing and slightly terrifying than a mini donut sitting in a sea of buttercream atop a decadent moist cake.

Comprised of coffee cupcakes topped with a lush coffee cream cheese frosting and garnished with a mini donut, these Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes are for seasoned caffeine and sugar fiends only. This serious indulgence is certainly no for the faint of heart. Providing a seriously mouthful, these Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes will not just satisfy you, they'll also silence your sweet tooth for a good long time.

Naughty, decadent and intense, these Coffee and Doughnut Cupcakes are unlike any dessert you've ever encountered.