From Classy Campfire Cocktails to Salty Hazelnut Jello Shooters

 - Dec 24, 2014
If you happen to have a sweet tooth and are looking to satisfy your cravings in a creative manner, then these confectionary drink recipes will definitely offer up some unique ways to enjoy classic treats.

While baking cakes and cookies is definitely one way to fulfill your cravings, why not create a drink that features some of your favorite sweet treats instead? These examples of confectionary drinks feature a whole slew of ideas on how to not only customize your beverages, but also how to add everything from chocolate to fried dough. While these drinks may not be the most healthy option to choose from, if you're going break your diet, why not do it in a fun way?

From dessert shooters to candy-infused cocktails, these confectionary drink recipes will surely fulfill anyone's craving for something sweet.