The Hot Chocolate Cupcake Offers a Welcome Reprieve From the Cold

Fight the plummeting temperatures and cozy up to this sumptuous Hot Chocolate Cupcake. Crafted by a collective of bloggers who write for the delicious blog Cupcakes for Party, these rich cakes sport a topping of melted marshmallows. But that's not all these petite cakes have going for them, they also have an exceedingly naughty molten chocolate truffle center.

Enough to make you feel faint, this Hot Chocolate Cupcake looks all too irresistible when it is cleverly balanced on the mouth of a mug skewered with a kitschy straw. The melted marshmallow makes it look messy in a hopelessly delicious way. Conjuring up memories of stinging cheeks and chapped hands curled around a rejuvenated mug of steaming hot cocoa, a steady supply of these Hot Chocolate Cupcakes will keep you warm all winter long.

Decadent and satisfying with a smart presentation to boot, this Hot Chocolate Cupcake is a cut above.