Volcano Vaporizer

 - Jan 31, 2007   Updated: Apr 13 2011
References: storz-bickel & crave.cnet
Ever wonder what the college kids are up to these days? Well, it seams that bongs have gotten high tech. For $539, one can inhale their 'medicinal' marijuana with a high tech vaporizer.

Implications - By utilizing the Volcano Vaporizers your prescribed dosage can become up to four times more potent than it would normally be. Now who wouldn't want that? Being dubbed the "BMW of bongs" by Uncrate, the German-made Volcano Vaporizer helps to purify your "medicinal" marijuana and thus minimizes the accompanying odor. It was only a matter of time before the technological revolution began to incite change into the way that substances can be ingested. Although, it does seem a bit pricey for the average user.