These Cannabis-Inspired Creations Will Shock and Surprise You

 - Jul 28, 2011
Despite boasting a variety of health benefits, zero addictive properties and a killer buzz, smoking marijuana might land you in prison, and so might these cannibis-inspired creations. Be careful!

Reefer, chronic, dro', sticky icky, grass... whatever you want to call it, marijuana has always occupied the limelight in drug culture. Consumed and traded across the planet, Mary Jane has cultivated a devoted following whose adherents regularly fashion customized bongs, open stores and lobby the government. At the very least, these cannabis-inspired creations will help satisfy your munchies; at best, they might help change the law!

As cannabis laws become more relaxed in accordance with emerging scientific studies, the market will continue to grow. For the time being, marijuana is the most widely traded and consumed drug on the planet, and that fact is unlikely to change soon.