Intelligent Fingerprinting Reveals a Revolutionary New Drug Testing Kit

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: intelligentfingerprinting & geekosystem
Addicts and recreational substance users alike should be especially paranoid in the coming months because Intelligent Fingerprinting, a research company based in Norwich, England, have perfected a new method of drug testing which is capable of detecting most illegal substances within minutes.

Whether your poison is methadone, cocaine, cannabis or heroin, your drug-consuming history won't be private for long thanks to Paul Yates, lead researcher at Intelligent Fingerprinting. By searching for relevant 'metabolites' in your finger's sweat glands, the new drug test can determine whether or not you've recently ingested illegal narcotics... sometimes within minutes.

Intelligent Fingerprinting's new drug test can even identify nicotine traces in your fingerprints. Should this technology ever reach public markets, teenage kids better hope and pray their parents don't pick a kit up.