- Jan 27, 2013
Clear your schedule, because every one of these hilarious fake movie trailers will bring out the funny for any film fan.

The Internet is full of snark, silliness and sarcasm, and these trailers are a perfect example. Have you ever thought that Mrs. Doubtfire would work better as a domestic thriller? Are you frightened by the idea of being without social networking? There’s a horror trailer for that. Maybe you wish that Disney movies had more of an action movie edge to them? If you wish that trailers were just a little more honest than they usually are, you’ll find those here too.

Films aren’t the only medium being skewered by these clever editors. Video games, music and sports aren’t immune from the fake movie trailer wit of the Internet.

It’s a shame that a lot of this clever hilarity won’t be making it to a theater near you, but one can always dream right?

From Horrific Romantic Comedies to Honest Movie Criticisms: