'Who's Going to Stop Jack Frost' is a Frightful Faux Film Ad

A horror film about a ghoul that threatens people with bursts of icy weather doesn't sound very far off from many of the last decade's slasher flicks, which is what makes the faux film trailer 'Who's Going to Stop Jack Frost' incredibly believable.

Created by Rubber Republic and McCann Erikson, the clip actually serves as an ad for their plumbing and winter repair company. While a standard commercial for a business that fixes burst water pipes and furnaces probably wouldn't catch the eye of the general public, the terrifying 'Who's Going to Stop Jack Frost' preview is garnering much attention online, even fooling many YouTube users into believing the trailer is for an actual indie flick.

With a cliffhanger ending that urges viewers to visit a website for an exclusive free pre-release screening on January 18, 2012, 'Who's Going to Stop Jack Frost' is incredibly convincing as a trailer.