- Jul 11, 2013
With scary movies continuing to satisfy horror fanatics with their frightening and jaw-dropping scenes, there's no surprise as to why these spooky viral videos are gaining such widespread popularity online.

There's just something about horror movies and frightening scenes that movie-goers can't simply get enough of. Whether it's that tingling feeling you get when you don't know what's about to happen or that surprise twist at the end of the movie, scary films will continue to shock audiences with its frightening and often disturbing images. These spooky viral videos have incorporated some of those scary references into the mix, as a way to attract a much more youthful audience that are more aware and accustomed to this type of imagery.

From Sci-Fi horror raps to prank movie promotions, these spooky viral videos will certainly have you covering your eyes during these short clips.

From Possessed Children Parodies to Horror Film Music Videos: