This Video from Ampisound is Both Thrilling and Frightening

 - Jul 7, 2013
References: facebook & laughingsquid
Ampisound member James L. Kingston has just posted a POV parkour video that allows viewers to experience what it's like to swing from rooftop to rooftop, jumping from buildings six stories high, and leaping over railings, among other things. Kingston is clearly extremely good at his job, moving deftly through a dense urban landscape while wearing a GoPro camera on his head to document his every move. The resulting video is sure to make viewers feel both excited and queasy. It might make you long to learn how to jump between buildings like a real-life Spider-Man, or it might make you want to stick to walking on the ground forever.

Kingston's video has swept through the internet, delighting parkour fans by letting them into the most intimate part of the sport, even if only for a few minutes. YouTube commenters have shown their never-ceasing support by promoting the video all over the internet, as well as taking comfort in the fact that "this guy will definitely survive the zombie apocalypse."