The Evil Dead 2 Rotoscoped Trailer Blends Cartoony with Scary

 - Apr 20, 2012
References: youtube & bitrebels
Fans of the cult-classic horror film will enjoy this Rotoscoped Evil Dead 2 movie trailer. Created by Pretend For Real Studios, the teaser is the exact same as its real-time predecessor with an animated makeover.

Taking real-life footage and placing animation over top of it, rotoscoping has been gaining popularity throughout the past decade as indicated by such films as Waking Life, Scanner Darkly and the Juno opening credits. This trailer does an excellent job of demonstrating how the experimental technique is able to accurately reflect the source material while simultaneously adding a new, artistic element through the hand-drawn animation.

Still scary, absurd and hilarious, the Rotooscoped Evil Dead 2 movie trailer would be all the more rewarding if it meant that the entire film were to receive a cartoon makeover.