Kreepy Kids Kasting Parody Offers Any Scary Child a Movie May Require

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: youtube & laughingsquid
Horror movies, as many of us may know, would not be the same without the addition of a creepy kids, which is why the ‘Kreepy Kids Casting’ parody promotes all kinds of scary or possessed kids. 

Comedy troupe Barely Political are behind this satirical take on casting children in eerie flicks.The casting company represents every kind of child a scary movie would require. Need a levitation boy? They’ve got him. Need a girl who speaks in a demonic voice? They’ve got that too. Plus, there is the added authenticity bonus so that actors won’t even have to try hard to pretend that they are terrified because, well, they probably are!

So for all filmmakers, take note because this Kreepy Kids Kasting company is there to help fulfill your frightening child quota in your next scary movie.