Siri: The Horror Movie Shows the Dark Side of the Apple Software

 - Jan 2, 2012
References: youtube & theawesomer
Should a day come when Siri grows a conscience and goes Hal 9000 on iPhone users, ‘Rooster Teeth’s Siri: The Horror Movie’ parody trailer gives a good idea of what might happen.

Siri: The Horror Movie is a slasher movie parody that revolves around Apple’s popular software. The premise is that the A.I. software gets way too smart and decides to off the owners in an unsuspecting manner. One-by-one each of the characters are taken out, threatened and even killed by an app. What’s clever is that like most horror movies, the creators utilize a soundtrack as an intimidating factor and in this case, it’s Siri’s alert.

The Siri horror movie parody is a hilarious take on old-school slasher flicks that ups the creep factor on Apple’s software.