LG Scarlet

 - Apr 29, 2008
References: ca.lge & online.wsj
LG hosted an elaborate party, complete with red carpet, Wolfgang Puck catering and celebrity attendees for the launch of Scarlett, a brand new TV series. They spent millions on promotions for what appeared to be a new TV show staring a gorgeous action hero. The LA party followed weeks of build up supported by trailers for the premier of a new TV Series. The ads all hinted that a huge surprise would be revealed and that things arent always as they seem.

What party attendees, which included celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, didnt know, was that they were all being tricked into participating in a $100 million marketing hoax.

The launch ended up being a play on words, so the marketers at LG cannot even be accused of lying. It turns out that Scarlett was a new series of television sets, and not a television show series as the ads had alluded.