Super Mario Warfare Turns the Mushroom Kingdom into Battleground

 - Oct 6, 2012
References: beatdownboogie & collegehumor
From the independent production company known as Beatdown Boogie, comes Super Mario Warfare, a web video that spoofs the Call of Duty video game series by combining it with Super Mario Bros.

Set in a world where Bowser and his Koopa army are poised to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, this video takes all of your favorite Super Mario characters and gives them the tough-as-nails personalities of hardened military veterans. The result is a hilarious movie-style trailer that's blistered with bullets and packed with amazing fight choreography reminiscent of The Matrix.

Although less than two minutes long, Super Mario Warfare is wildly entertaining and offers viewers the chance to see Toad portrayed as a white-suited, fidora wearing, uzi -wielding badass who takes no prisoners. Really, it's just pure Internet gold that shouldn't be missed.