From Fierce Sci-Fi Helmets to Flavor-Infused Dental Protection

 - May 28, 2014
After Game 5 last night, where the Montreal Canadiens forced the New York Rangers into a sixth game, everything down to the hockey equipment could make a difference. Currently the Rangers lead the Habs 3-2 in the series, as they compete in the NHL Eastern Conference. If the Canadian team wants to keep their Stanley Cup dreams alive, they must win the next two games as well to take best of seven.

When it comes down to the wire, your sporting gear and hockey equipment could be the difference between a win and a loss. High performing products like carbon fiber hockey sticks, triangular hockey pucks and injury detecting athletic helmets can definitely improve a player's game. Other related hockey equipment could include jersey design, zamboni-inspired innovations and fitness tracking technology. There are also many items that have to do with the sport's culture, such as extreme motorized coolers.