These Devices are Designed for Adrenaline Sports Equipment

 - Apr 20, 2014
References: dreamscience-propulsion & gizmag
UK-based company DreamScience Propulsion is developing technology that will help make adrenaline sports even more extreme than they already are. The company is developing electrical propulsion thrusters that can help adrenaline junkies glide, sail, board and ride faster than ever before.

While the DreamScience electric thruster was originally developed specifically for the sport of paragliding, it has since been expanded for use with a wide range of adrenaline sports including skiing, surfing and landboarding. The thrusters strap into a harness, while the rider holds onto a central bar equipped with a thumb throttle for thrust control. The central bar can be steered for directional control.

The latest prototype of the electric thruster features four 8-KiloWat thrusters that provide over 100 pounds of thrust. It is composed of an aluminum frame, carbon fiber fans and lithium-polymer batteries to power the motors.