Brett Stiles Makes Wicked Customized Skate Decks

Brett Stiles is an Austin-based designer, art director and illustrator. His work is fresh and exciting, bursting with color and creativity. When he receives new projects, he says his "approach is always grounded in smart, simple, and effective solutions."

The project, simply titled Skate Decks, is an awesome collection of customized skateboards with the majority of them featuring the words No Comply branded on them. Brett Stiles has created each board with a quirky style. Dead rain clouds, big-mouthed silhouettes and multiple mustaches are some of the Brett Stiles illustrations that have made it onto the backsides of these skate boards.

Brett Stiles has done a lot of other work that is more serious than these customized boards. Some of his clients include the United States Air Force and the Livestrong Foundation.