The Board of Imagination Moves From Your Thoughts

 - Mar 4, 2012
References: chaoticmoon & news.cnet
The Board of Imagination is a skateboard controlled by the mind. Developed by organization Chaotic Moon Labs, the Board of Imagination is a skateboard that uses your brainwaves to work.

The Board of Imagination is operated using an Emotiv EPOC headset, which is a hi-tech, wireless headset that senses your thoughts and uses this to guide the skateboard. Once the user has worn the headset, the board is able to read the mind and tell where the user wants to go and what speed to travel at. The maximum speed achievable by the board is 32 mph -- pretty fast considering this is all controlled by the mind!

Now all the user has to do is hold on for the ride, and of course make sure not to get distracted.

Implications - On a broader scope, the implications of this technology could be huge - imagine mind reading vehicles, where you do not have to use a steering wheel, but your mind to drive.