The Personal Rover Rolls into the Future

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: gizmag
Forget planes, trains and automobiles, the Personal Rover rolls into the top transportation spot. Making a move on walking, perosnal transportation is a growing method used by commuters, and the general public alike. This growing niche market has produced the latest reinvention of the wheel with this personal transportation device that allows riders to simple hop on and go.

Personal Rover eliminates all the hassle and stress associated with commuting. The design is lightweight, and versatile additionally this mobile mover can cross a variety of terrain to ensure its riders arrive on time.

The personal rover has handles that rise up from the wheels which resemble an elliptical. The device is powered by the top of the handle-squeeze to go, let go to stop. After starting the Personal Rover it can be steered by simply leaning which allows you to envision carving down a mountain while weaving in and out of traffic.