The FBike Concept Allows Long Leaps to Avoid Traffic Congestions

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: & dvice
For those who wish bikes flew, the FBike concept has swooped in to grant them. Although still in its conceptual stages, it is a flying bike that would solve many traffic jam problems. It might look large and unwieldy, but isn't that the case with most first steps in a new direction?

Conceived by Aleš Kobylík, Václav Zajíc, Milan Duchek and Jan Cinert, the FBike concept is a collaborate effort between a Czechoslovakian design firm, Czechoslovakian light aircraft manufacturer and Czechoslovakian bicycle company. The FBike concept is equipped with two main lift fans along with two side-mounted propellers to allow vertical take-offs and landings as well as three-axis control. Entirely electrical, it boasts about three to five minutes of flight time at 30 miles an hour, which essentially lets the bike hop over obstacles.