The F&Y Classiques Bike Handles Will Add Luxury to Your Wheels

For anyone looking to add a little flair of design and luxury into their bicycle, the F&Y Classiques Handlebars are a handcrafted wooden accessory that will do the trick. These handlebars combine modern wood-working designs into bicycles to create beautiful a collection of handlebars to embellish your bike. Frederique and Yannic, the names behind F&Y Classiques, both share a passion for cycling and biking and express this through their handlebar collection. The handles are available in bended styles which have an aluminum inset or straight styles.  The collection uses multiple types of wood, which the user is free to select; wood choices include ash, cherry, wenge, walnut and morad.

These handlebars are on the pricey side; although, if you’re seriously looking to add a little extravagance to your ride, why not? The F&Y Classiques Handlebars are guaranteed to add a personal and detailed touch to your two-wheeler.