The 'Icons of Style' Mercedez-Benz Film by Alex Prager is Theatric

The 'Icons of Style' film executed by photographer Alex Prager is an adaptation of the classic major motion picture The Wizard of Oz. Set in an LA desert, Prager managed to capture model Lara Stone above ground, literally floating within a spinning tornado. The two-minute short showcases a Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster, displaying the luxury car brand's penchant for artistic and frequently eccentric campaigns.

Stone is clad head-to-toe in business chic Calvin Klein pieces. Known for her ability to morph into a range of fashion roles, Stone's assumption of the Dorothy character proved no different. As she is carried off to the Land of Oz, Stone exudes a puzzled look, the same look that would be expected of anyone suddenly taken away from the luxury vehicle. The Roadster is left to sit pretty in the distance, allowing viewers to gawk at its glorious design.